The music video Superstar-Senator, Dino Melaye, is taking his quest for justice outside the shores of Nigeria and he wants justice to reign everywhere. 

"Let the bell of Justice reign EVERYWHERE," he says. 

Senator Melaye has seen more than one month of trouble and April and May of 2018 are two months he will not forget in a hurry. 

He is standing trial in a Kogi State High Court for allegations around arms running, but was granted bail few weeks ago by the Kogi court and he returned to plenary on Wednesday.

He has denied having anything to do with arms in one of his music videos. 

He had in the last one month spent some days at the intensive care unit of the National Hospital Abuja.

After his bail was granted by the court, he returned to Senate plenary with neck braces. 

On his return, he accused the police of attempting to kill him and also demanded for an apology from President Muhammadu Buhari over a statement he made about the National Assembly. 

He had dropped an evidence on this issue before the Senate.

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Now, Senator Melaye wants to go international with his quest to get justice.

He said he would be filing a case before the International Criminal Court of Justice in few days. 

The Senator did not state which case he was filing, but he emphasised that justice shall reign. 

He said: "Filing my case at the International Criminal Court of Justice in few days.

"Justice shall reign and must reign across the land, from the Savannah to the hinterland, from the desert to the dark forests across the Niger.

"Let the bell of Justice reign EVERYWHERE".