In February this year, an Italian man in the central city of Macerata shot at six African migrants including a Nigerian lady.

Luca Traini, aged 29, went on the shooting spree on February 3, 2018 in what he said was revenge for the death of a young Italian woman, who was allegedly killed and dismembered by a Nigerian man just days earlier.

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His victims now have justice, as an Italian court sentenced the man to 12 years in jail on Wednesday.

Traini targeted black migrants as he drove around Macerata, hitting nationals from Ghana, Mali and Nigeria.

He later abandoned his car and made a fascist salute, an Italian flag draped over his shoulders, as police arrested him.

No-one died in the attack and Traini apologised in court for his actions. “I am sorry for the injuries I caused,” he said. “While in prison, I have understood that the colour of ones’ skin has nothing to do with anything.”

Traini launched his attack three days after the discovery of the body of teenager Pamela Mastropietro near Macerata.

A Nigerian, Innocent Oseghale, has been charged with her rape, murder and dismemberment, as well as with drug dealing.

He says Mastropietro died of an overdose and denies killing her.

“I wanted justice for Pamela,” Traini told the court.

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