The workers of the Kwara State Broadcasting Corporation, (Radio Kwara), Ilorin on Wednesday commenced protest over lack of operational equipment and poor working conditions.

Dependable source who confided in Bounce News said: “The State Government is planning to evacuate the staff from Police road to Budo Efo transmission area.

He said: “This Budo Efo always affect the sperm of the staff working there, due the effects of radiation of the old transmitter and the antenna .

According to the source who carved for anonymity, some of the staff posted to Budo-efo are childless while other few ones that had children have their children deformed.

He said: “The last option given us is to transfer all the staff to Budo- Efo particularly to enable them sell the Radio Kwara AM land. As we speak, the Land surrounding Radio Kwara TWO Midland FM has been sold.

“Since KWIRS has taken over our revenue, to buy diesel to power the station is a problem, that is why both AM and FM stations are running skeletal transmission always.

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“The Sole Administrator, Dr. Muyideen Akorede has destroyed the station through his shoddy repositioning since 2016.

“He always shortchange our General Manager by not releasing our monthly running cost to him to run the station since the state government has taken over our Internal General Revenue.

“Virtually all Departments in Radio Kwara lack working facilities and tools including the newsroom. They have perfected plans to kill AM frequency and concentrate on Midland FM 99.0 at Apata Yukuba Ilorin.

“The same FM is dying. The next one is overall welfare of staff, delay in payment of meager salaries among others.”

The source further stressed that, “The state government officials including Akorede are now patronizing private radio stations in the state paying huge amount to feature on their programmes living Radio Kwara dying.

“All the staff have been demoralized and discouraged. We are staging this protest not because of us but because future of Radio Kwara and Kwara State at large.”

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