'Look at our hands, they are as white as snow.'

That is the claim by the Turkish government after it was fingered in the seizure of 475 pump-action riffles at the Lagos Tin Can Island.

The Comptroller-General of Nigeria Customs Service, Col. Hameed Ali (retd.) had disclosed at a briefing on the 21st of September, 2017 that a syndicate based in Turkey had been discovered to be behind illegal arms imports into Nigeria.

He had said that the importer of the arms haul into the country was Great James Oil and Gas Limited. 

This was after the Nigerian Customs, for a fourth consecutive periods, seized container-loads of Pump Action riffles at the Lagos Tin Can port.

The Customs had first intercepted a 20-foot container load of 1,100 pump action rifles. It later uncovered yet another set of 475 rifles shipped in by the same importer. 

The bill of lading of one of the containers falsely indicated the content to be wash hand basins and water closets, but a thorough examination revealed that it contained 600 pieces of Jojef Magnum Black Pump Action Rifles.

The Comptroller-General of NCS, Retired Col. Hameed Ali, had told journalists in Lagos on Thursday that the seizure was the fourth at the Lagos port within eight months. 

But on Tuesday 26th September, 2017, Turkish Ambassador to Nigeria, Hakan Cakil, met with the Comptroller-General of NCS, Retired Col. Hameed Ali, where he denied that Turkey ever shipped any arms to Nigeria. 

The meeting lasted for two hours at the headquarters of the Nigeria Customs Service in Abuja.


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