There was pandemonium in some parts of Wuse II in Abuja, Nigeria's federal capital city.

Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria are again demanding the immediate release of their leader.

This comes after supporters of the group clashed with officials of the Nigerian Army on Sunday. The Army claimed they were moving equipment along the same route that the protesters were marching.

Shiites Protesters Marching In Abuja

Although the coincidence may prove a bitter pill to swallow - live ammunition was used to disperse the protesters with some of them sustaining injuries.

On Tuesday, the clash in Abuja was with officers of the Nigeria police. The police insisted that the protesters did not follow due process required to stage a march through the FCT.

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The boys wanted to protest once again at the city centre and the police did not let them.

The police then opened tear gas canisters to disperse the young men who in turn resorted to using stones and catapults.

The police opened fire forcing the protesters to retreat from the Abia State House Area close to Federal High Court.

The police pushed harder and drove the protesters through Amigo till they finally dispersed.

Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky

Eyewitnesses say the protesters have vowed to return to the city centre on Wednesday and the days after till justice is served.