The wife of the embattled leader of outlawed Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, Uchechi Kanu has said she does not know where her husband is.

In an interview with BBC Igbo Service, Mrs Kanu said the last time she heard from him was the day the Nigerian Army invaded the home of the self acclaimed IPOB leader.

“I don’t know where my husband is. I don’t know if he is alive or dead. The only people that have this information is the Nigerian Army,” she said in the first major publication of the just launched BBC Igbo language service.

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Mrs Kanu said: “The last time I spoke with him was the day the soldiers invaded our home. He called me on phone and asked me if I could hear gun shots. I was hearing the gun shots and became afraid.  

“I asked what was going on? And he told me that they were shooting outside the house and that he was inside, and he ended the call. And that was the last conversation I had with him.”

According to her, the Nigerian Army cannot claim not to know where Nnamdi Kanu is since on two occasions they arrested him and denied it, they later produced him.

She said: The Army “is saying that they don’t know where he is. Lai Mohammed has said the government does not have him and that the footage of the army invasion was what happened in other African countries, that IPOB was circulating.

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“When Nnamdi Kanu was arrested for the first time in 2015, I demanded for his whereabouts, but they told me they had no idea. At the end of the day, they brought him out.

“If someone does something for the first and second times and denied them, when he does the third one, if he denies it, would you believe him?”

When asked what she had to say about the accusation leveled against her husband for trying to divide the country, she said:

It is no longer an accusation. It is true that we want to leave. At some point, people were saying it was my husband, but it was never my husband alone.

“He is merely representing the people of Biafra. He merely speaks for what everyone wants. What we want is to separate from Nigeria but that does not mean that we are in enmity with everyone....(Secession) is not a crime. It happens all the time across the world.

Mrs Kanu also said that whatever may have happened, she is sure her husband would not be regretting fighting for Biafra.

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“If you don’t have strong mind, you won’t be able to fight for freedom. By the time they hit you once or twice, you will change your mind. Blood is spilled in the process.

“That they are holding Nnamdi Kanu does not mean that is the end of the story. It is not over. This is because people are asking questions. Our people are rising. People are very angry.

“If Nnamdi Kanu is alive wherever they are holding him, I know who I got married to, there is no way he would be regretting. He knows the journey to freedom is a difficult one.

“There would never be a time, it would be handed to you on a platter. It is not easy. You must pay the price,” she said.

She also noted that even though IPOB seems to have lost its popularity, it doesn’t mean that group is asleep, adding that Igbo Presidency would never happen.

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