Police officers can no longer sit in the office and think they are active, the Commissioner of Police in Lagos will not have it.

Mr Imohimi Edgal said this on Thursday during his monthly townhall meeting at Area E Command Festac Town Lagos.

The CP said that all religious and ethnic meetings including resident association meetings must now have a representative of the police in attendance with issues of security constantly discussed.

He said that residents should demand the DPOs or their representatives to be present at such meetings as he has also directed that demands from the people must from now be taken more seriously.

“Even when you have private social events, invite your DPOs as guests, we want to be closer to you,” he admonished them.

In addition to this, Mr Imohimi said that in conjunction with the Lagos state government, competent vigilante groups will now be set up in all local government areas of the state.

And he got the audience excited when he announced that the vigilante groups will have three armed personnel attached to them to patrol communities between 12AM and 5AM.

“I want to make Lagos the safest city to live in and do business in Africa,” he said.

He acknowledged corruption as one of the reasons why police have not been able to reach its full potential.

However, this is not about the police alone as partnership and synergy with the communities will help greatly.

He rolled out 10 phone numbers through which citizens can reach the complaint desk of the police to report erring police operatives.

“If any officer demands money from you for bail over a bailable offence, don’t argue with them. You just step aside and call these numbers and they will be in trouble.

“I assure you, they do not want my trouble.

“The state under my watch will not tolerate any unnecessary breakdown of law and order,” he said.

The townhall meeting was well attended by community leaders, religious leaders, representatives of youth organisations, grassroots politicians and others residents.