One of such incidents that one wishes time could go back to stop it from happening occurred again in Lagos. 

This time, a six-year-old boy and three other adults were snatched by the cold hands of death.

It was an accident that occurred on Kara Bridge after Berger Bus Stop along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The incident occurred before 8:00 a.m. local time on Wednesday. 

4 Die In Kara Accident
People watching while authorities clear the road for vehicles

Officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) said a truck carrying a container lost control and collided with a motorcyclist popularly referred to as Okada carrying two passengers before the head of the truck detached and plunged into Ogun River. 

The container loaded with drums of engine oil fell on the road, blocking vehicular movement. 


Due to the impact of the fall, some of the items inside the container broke and caused oil spillage. 

Oil dripped from the container on the road, making it more dangerous for vehicles to use.

After LASEMA got the distress call at about 8:00 a.m., it mobilised other agencies including the fire service to the location.

The dead boy and his mother were on the Okada while the other three dead persons were occupants of the truck, who were found dead after LASEMA officials brought out the truck head from the river.

4 Die In Kara Accident
Officials of LASEMA removing the container from the road

The mother of the boy and the Okada rider survived but sustained injuries. 

It is one of the serval fatal accidents that have occurred on Kara Bridge in the last two years and the Manager of LASEMA, Mr Adesina Tiamiyu, attributed the increasing trend to recklessness on the part of the drivers.

"The road is smooth and then it is sloppy and these require that a reasonable driver slows down on the bridge or maintain a controllable speed," he stressed.

On the bridge, movement of vehicles halted, while officials of LASEMA and fire service clear the container and wash off the oil from the road to guard against secondary incidents that such situation could cause. 

4 Die In Kara Accident
The accident caused traffic gridlock

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The head of LASEMA, however warned Okada riders to stay away from the bridge, as riding their motorcycles there was prohibited. 

He further asked other vehicle users to put safety first while behind the steering.