A suspected ritual killer identified as Christopher Adebayo and also known as Kemo has been given a jungle justice by angry mob at Akenfa area of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

It was his day of justice, some of the persons who gathered around him said. 

Adebayo's judgment began at about 7:12 a.m., after a large crowd comprising men, women, and school children had gathered beside a popular fast food joint within the area.

The suspect was forced to sit on the floor. While young men hit him with sticks, others stoned him.

Blood trickled from his opened mouth to his Polo shirt.

Adebayo pleaded for mercy but the angry youths had decided his fate.

"Make we burn am before police come e! (Let us set him ablaze before the police would come)," suggested a tall slim boy.

Others welcomed the idea and quickly, from nowhere, a keg of petrol emerged containing about a litre of petrol which was emptied on his body. In few minutes there was fire. 

The angry mob cursed as Adebayo, who was too weak to run, groaned in pain.

An eyewitness, Mr Oyinbrakemi Oweiagbe, told Bounce News that Adebayo usually disguised as a mad man to carry out the murder.

"This morning, he killed our 18 year old daughter, Ms Denzibibe Best.

"Everything that happened today proved that he was the killer terrorising our community.

Residents of the community believed that, he was responsible for the death of two women whom were gruesomely murdered two months ago in the area.

"Someone saw him when he was removing her private part and raised alarm.

Jungle justice for suspected ritualist in Bayelsa

Mr Oweiagbe explained that ritual killing is a taboo in Ijaw land and as such, rarely occur.

"He was lynched before the police would come and interfere.

"He who kills by the sword, will die by the sword," he concluded.

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Ms Ovieya Ofori, who also witnessed the jungle justice, stated that Adebayo was seen removing some sensitive parts from the deceased.

"Someone saw him cutting some parts of her body very early this morning.

"He raised alarm and we chased him across Akenfa creek bridge.

Ms Ofori further explained that the last time two women were killed in the same manner, Adebayo was arrested by the police but later released.

"We decided to kill him so that our women will be safe.

"If we leave him, he will bring in his ritualist brothers to finish us" she emphasised.

When contacted, the police spokesman in the state, Mr Asinim Butswat, confirmed the incident.

Butswat told Bounce News that "the matter was reported to our command but, no arrest has been made."

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