The people gathered here in remembrance of June 12 but they had more pressing matters to chew on.

The urgent need for restructuring of the entity called Nigeria formed the major part of the discourse as the Odua Peoples’ Congress, OPC on Monday held their annual commemorative lecture in Lagos.

For the executive Chairman of The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, Debo Adeniran and the Deputy National President Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Mohammed Kudu Abubakar - the matter is simple agree to stay united or agree to divide.

In different submissions during the June 12 remembrance, Adeniran argued that Nigeria as presently constituted is lopsided and in need of change.

“I was not there when Lord Lugard and his girlfriend came about what they call Nigeria and as we can see it is no longer working, we need a sovereign national conference to renegotiate our staying together and if one region says they want to leave, let them go, others should also go and develop their regions" he posited.

For the ACF Deputy National President, the only way forward for Nigeria is restructuring.

“We are only trying to help their course, we want to make things faster for them at least they already said they are tired of staying in Nigeria, you cannot force someone to stay where he or she does not want to stay".