Jump a public queue and go to jail.

A bill is presently being scrutinised by members of the House Of Representatives, that proposes a 6 month jail term for people who disrupt public queues.

The bill is inspired by the normal practice of shunting public lines in Nigeria, and is being sponsored by, Abubakar Amuda-Kannike.

“The bill underscores the need to re-awaken a derailed national culture by proposing disciplinary measures to guide Nigerians in their daily behaviours.

“In our society today, out of total disregard for other persons, who strive to do the right thing by conducting themselves orderly in public places, many Nigerians distort queues and go unpunished.

“The bill if passed shall provide a starting point of value and cultural re-orientation in Nigeria,” the lawmaker said.

He is hopeful that when the bill is passed it would enable future generations of Nigerians to follow orderliness.