Few hours after the June 28 tanker explosion on the Otedola Bridge, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway where 12 lives were lost and 54 vehicles burnt occurred, an audio recording of a prophet who predicted the disaster went viral.

The prophet could be heard telling his church members about six or seven dates and asked them to be weary of looming danger.

In the viral piece, the dates "June 23, June 28, July 12, July 30, August 11" were noted, and this warning followed, “Don’t travel outside Lagos and into Lagos.”

He also listed some transport companies that people should avoid traveling with on those days.

He added that people should not travel by air on June 25, July 11, July 22, August 6, and 19 while also listing the airlines to avoid.

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Bounce News located the Prophet Udensi Godslove at his church, Land Oil Prophetic Ministry in Agege, Lagos State and he repeated the same prophecy and even went further to reveal how he started as a prophet.

Trust Nigerians, they took note of the dates especially after being coincidental with the recent Plateau mass killing and Fatal Otedola Bridge accident.

One of the dates of doom, July 12 has come and gone but no disaster was recorded.

Nigerians, who had been apprehensive and curious since the ‘prophecy’ was made, are now wondering what happened.

Did the prophet seek the face of God eventually to avert the prophecy or his earlier correct predictions were just mere coincidence?

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WATCH: This Prophet Predicted The Otedola Bridge Accident