The leader of the defunct Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, Henry Okah, who is currently serving a jail term in South Africa for terrorism, is not happy with former President Goodluck Jonathan. 

He accused the former president of fabricating evidence against him.

Okah, who lamented his incarceration, also rejected the judgment of a South African court which recently turned down his appeals, saying he had instructed his lawyers to appeal his conviction at the International Court of Justice.

In a statement personally signed by the former MEND leader and made available by the spokesman for the group, Jomo Gbomo, Okah alleged that former President Jonathan worked with South African officials to fabricate the evidence that nailed him.

South Africa’s Constitutional Court had on Friday upheld a 24-year prison sentence for Okah.

Okah was jailed in 2013 for masterminding a number of attacks, including twin bombings which killed 12 people in Abuja during the Independence Day celebrations in 2010.

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But reacting to the judgment, Okah said, “I totally disagree with the ruling of the South African Constitutional Court, which ruling sidestepped pertinent questions posed to the court by my legal representatives and have therefore instructed my lawyers to seek redress at the International Court of Justice.

“My lawyers are in complete agreement with my position on the ruling by the South Africa’s highest court in this matter.”

He described the ruling of the apex South African court as establishing the country as the “policeman” of Africa.

The MEND leader also described the country’s courts as the satellite courts for foreign governments involved in civil conflict with their civilian population.

He said, “Every Nigerian is aware that I am imprisoned in South Africa at the insistence of the Nigerian government in cahoots with western nations plundering the resources of the Niger Delta.”


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