Nigerian-British actor, John Boyega has become a household name, thanks to his role as Finn in the 'Star Wars' franchise.

However, before he got the opportunity to star in this popular movie series, he starred in the 2011 film 'Attack the Block', which the actor recently confirmed he'd be happy to do a sequel for.

The film follows a bunch of South London teenagers who band together to defend their neighborhood against an alien attack.

While the film wasn't a box office hit when it was released, it was met with critical acclaim and has since become a low-key cult classic.

On Instagram, Boyega uploaded a shot from the film, and when a curious fan asked if there will be a sequel to ‘Attack The Block’, Boyega happily replied,  "If the supporters want it, then I’ll have to get back to Peckham ASAP".

Hopefully, we could be seeing a sequel to the movie while Nigerians wait for his promised 80 million Naira investment in Nollywood.

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