More automobile jobs are coming to Nigeria as truck maker, Tata plan to manufacture 40% of its trucks in the West African nation.

The Nigerian arm of the Indian auto-maker, Tata Africa Services Nigeria Limited says it plans to manufacture 4 of 10 trucks sold Nigeria from next year.

It also hinted about establishing a production centre for vehicle components in Nigeria as part of its contribution to the development of the nation’s automotive industry.

These disclosures were made at the roll-out of the 200th Nigeria-assembled vehicle from its Lagos assembly plant, which is a joint venture between Tata Nigeria and a steel production firm, Iron Products Industries.

The development came even as the Federal Government promised to provide the needed land for the project.

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The Managing Director, Iron Products Industries, Nunu Diwan, spoke on the plan by the assembly plant to begin the production of 40% of Tata trucks from the Lagos factory.

“By next year, more than 40% of our trucks will be locally manufactured here in Lagos,” Diwan said.

He stressed that the vision is not only to assemble vehicles but to manufacture the Tata vehicle models being sold in the country, including pickups and fire-fighting vehicles.

The Auto Head, TML Business, Tata Nigeria, Suraj Prakash, said the company’s assembly plant in Lagos was established in 2016 following the Federal Government’s introduction of the auto policy.

“It started with a pilot project of 10 vehicles in 2016 after the Nigerian government introduced the national auto policy, encouraging the establishment of local assembly plants. The whole range commenced at the assembly plant in 2017. With your continued patronage, we’re confident that we’ll soar high,” he stated.

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