Several job seekers have lost job opportunities just because of the way they respond to certain questions.

One of such questions is "Why Are You Leaving Your Present Employer?"

Some persons have gone ahead to begin to talk about how much their boss hates them and how the job has become so mundane. 

These kind of responses leave your interviewer with wrong impressions about your character.

Remember that whenever there is a problem, the two persons involved have their share of the blame. 

Everyone knows that there is definitely something you do not like about your current job and that may be the reason you are leaving, but keeping a positive mindset all through an interview says a lot about your character. 

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The World Economic Forum on its website quoted human resources veteran, Toni Thompson, as saying that there are a bunch of ways to answer this question honestly — without getting too dark.

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Thompson, who is the head of talent and human resources at job search and career advice site The Muse, gave an example of how you can respond to this question. 

"Let's say that to get where you need to be, you need really great social media skills and you just aren't given the opportunity to do that in your current role because someone else is doing that … That is a perfectly valid reason as to why you might be looking for another opportunity at another company."

Following his example, here is what to do. You can replace "social media skills" with "technical skills," or "editing skills," or whatever it is that you're hoping to develop. Above all, you want to explain why the job isn't giving you the chance to grow or to take your career in the direction you'd like.

"You don't want to badmouth the company or anyone on your team. Thompson said, "The interviewer may question your character."

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