The assassination of President John F Kennedy happened in 1963, but the investigation on his death seems to have no end.

No one knows what made Harvey Oswald take out the President while he was sitting in an open-topped limousine with his wife, but revelations to his death are still coming out.

It is surprising how the world now has not been able to identify the real persons behind the death of the well-loved late United States President.

The US government on Thursday released 2,800 previously classified files on the assassination of President John F Kennedy and a few findings that will raise new questions are contained therein.

Before the files were released on National Archives website, President Donald Trump said the public deserved to be "fully informed" about the event, which has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories.

It was not all the documents that were released.


Some were withheld at the request of government agencies, for security reasons.

One memo in one of the files revealed that the FBI had warned police of a death threat against the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

J F Kennedy assasination file

The memo by the FBI director, J Edgar Hoover, read: "We at once notified the chief of police and he assured us Oswald would be given sufficient protection".

"They brought him our of the City Jail and were taking him to the County Jail when a man stepped out and shot him in the stomach.

"This man was arrested at once. He goes under the name of Jack Leon Ruby but his real name is Rubenstein".

Oswald, a former Marine and self-proclaimed Marxist, was shot in the stomach in the basement of the Dallas Police department two days after President Kennedy was killed.

The BBC wrote that analysis of the documents showed a CIA memo that suggested Oswald spoke with a KGB officer at the Russian embassy in Mexico City.

The memo says the KGB officer Oswald spoke with worked for a department "responsible for sabotage and assassination".

J F Kennedy assasination file released

Another memo showed that Soviet officials feared an "irresponsible general" would launch a missile at the USSR in the wake of President Kennedy's death.

According to the BBC, one memo tells how a British regional newspaper, the Cambridge News, received an anonymous call about "some big news" in the US, hours before the assassination.

A copy of the memo was released by the National Archives in the US in July, but had gone unreported.

President Kennedy was shot dead on 22 November, 1963, as he travelled through Dallas.

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The Warren Commission's report into the shooting, published in September 1964, said that Lee Harvey Oswald had fired the fatal shots from the Texas School Book Depository building.

There was "no evidence that either Lee Harvey Oswald or Jack Ruby was part of any conspiracy, domestic or foreign", the commission said.

The released of the files is coming after 25 years after Congress passed a law that required all records related to the assassination - around 5 million pages - to be publicly disclosed in full within 25 years.

The deadline was Thursday, October, 26.

More than 90% of the files were already in the public domain and Mr Trump said those withheld were held for security reasons.

The President who was was reluctant to agree to agency request to hold the remaining documents said: "I have no choice - today - but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our Nation's security".