Iyanya has opened up about his fight with Ubi Franklin that led to his exit from the label, and his revelations have begun a media war with his former business partner.

During an interview, Iyanya claims he didn't sell his share of TripleMG as reported in the media.

“I left Made Men at the time because there was so much darkness. Amid all the wings, I decided to let that go, because at the time I was singing I co-owned Made Men with Ubi, but I later realized that my name was not in any of the forms I signed. I was broken." he said.

In responding to Iyanya's claims, Ubi Franklin shared a series of paper documents and conversations between himself and Iyanya, claiming that the musician lied to make himself look good.

The former TripleMG singer also replied Ubi Franklin in a follow up radio interview, insisting that he did not agree to sell his shares to Ubi Franklin and was cunningly removed from a business he helped start.

 “What spoilt it was when Ubi brought me a CAC form with 400 shares allocated to me but someone called me to confirm and I took a flight to Abuja, I went to CAC and lo and behold I saw the forms I filled but my name was no longer there, Ubi had replaced it all with his brothers. I was totally mad and when I came back to confront him, he was begging me.”

Iyanya’s interview and Ubi Franklin’s documents below:

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