Nigerian star Alex Iwobi is happy with this benefit and he has confessed that he is eager for the Gunners' trip to Australia.

Arsenal are expected to touch down in Sydney on Tuesday July 11 and the words on Iwobi's lips are 'let's go there'.

"Luckily with Arsenal we get to travel around the world to such places as Australia. I just can’t wait, I’m buzzing.

"I haven’t been out of the UK - unless it’s to Nigeria! So it gives me a reason to go abroad, I can’t wait to see what the culture is like there.

"There’s two things that come in to my mind [when I think of Australia]. Every time I’m on Sky, I think it’s Motorway Patrol, it always comes up and I think that’s in Australia. I always see it and I’m just laughing to myself. 

"Secondly, I used to watch cartoons and I always used to see kangaroos in Australia. Those are the main two things, I don’t know about a third!" Iwobi said.

While on tour, Arsenal will play friendlies on the 13th and 15th of July.