Those celebrating the ill health of President Muhammadu Buhari are sinning against God.

This is the view of a Kaduna-based Islamic scholar, Malam Muhammad Nafi’u,

Nafi’u, who is the Cheif Imam of Nupe Road Central Mosque, Kaduna said in an interview in Kaduna that the President, like all mortals have a right to seek for medical attention.

“If Buhari is not feeling fine it is not a sin for him to seek for medical attention, he is a human being like every one of us.

“It is a sin to speculate and spread false rumours, and people should stop it, as every human can fall sick.

“Rather than wasting time on sinful propagation of falsehood, we should be praying for Buhari to have sound health,” the Imam said.

He noted that President Buhari had demonstrated love and commitment to the people of Nigeria and deserved nothing less than prayers.

“Our president has to be healthy, because governance is a big task; we should be grateful to Allah for giving us a president that has the country at heart,” Nafi’u added.

He urged all Nigerians of goodwill to support the present administration, and pray for its success and the progress of the country.

The Imam said Nigerians should also unite in prayers for the president to quickly recover and return home hale and hearty.

President Buhari left Nigeria on Sunday night for further medical attention in London.