Davido is not taking any chances.

After giving his girlfriend, Chioma his assurance, the singer is not going to 'try himself'.

Davido shouted out Chioma's name when a female fan rushed to grab and hug him after his concert in far away Namibia.

The singer shouted out his girlfriend's name to free himself from any wrongdoing, just in case a video of the ‘encounter’ gets online.

It got online, but would shouting Chioma's name while he is in the embrace of a female fan be enough to vindicate him?

On Saturday, July 14, 2018, Davido posted a picture of Chioma with the caption: "The Love of my life!! Can’t wait to spend forever with you??"
And responding to the post in the comment section, Chioma replied saying: "I can't wait either love you".

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Earlier in the year, Davido revealed Chioma as the woman after his heart and the only one he loveed dearly.

He surprised Chioma with a Porsche car, and sang ‘Assurance’ just to prove that his love for her was real.

Watch Davido shouting below:

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