Leaving corpse in mortuaries for days or months before burial has become a common phenomenon in Nigeria.

People have come to believe that it allows them prepare 'financially' and emotionally for the burial rites.

This practice usually ends in what a Community leader in the eastern part of Nigeria, Rommy Ezeonwuka described as unnecessary expenses.

Rommy Ezeonwuka on Tuesday criticised the preservation of corpses and the high cost of burial rites in Igbo land.

“It is witchcraft to leave corpses in morgues (mortuary). One who dies should be buried immediately and the burial ceremony done some other time.

“Keeping the corpse in the mortuary means sending both the dead and bereaved family to hell because a lot of money would be coughed out for the burial.

“Besides, the huge amount of money the Igbo people spend during the burial ceremony of their dead ones is economic waste".

He blamed the church for encouraging the preservation of corpses, adding that a lesson could be learnt from Muslims, who don’t keep corpses for more than 24 hours.