Are you so in love with ewedu soup especially with amala (yam flour)? Then this warning is for you.

Using a small bunch of broomsticks, known as ijabe, to mash ewedu (mallow-leaves) is very common among South-West Nigeria when preparing the draw soup.

However, medical experts have said that the age-old practice is actually dangerous.

Dr. Adegboyega Akere of the Department of Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan, on Wednesday, advised women and caterers to desist from the practice.

Akere, a Consultant Gastroenterologist, said in Ibadan that food handlers should always use blender for ewedu and every other ingredient used in cooking it.

He said this is because ewedu soup that is mashed with broomsticks could still retain splinters of the broom, however minute.

Akere said that when eaten, the splinters from the broomsticks could get trapped inside the oesophagus or the intestine.

He disclosed that someone who had eaten the soup containing a tiny piece of broomstick was rushed to the UCH recently.

“The broomstick settled in her intestine and did not digest. This resulted in the inflammation of the intestine.

“Two days after, the patient complained of severe stomach pains and a CT-Scan revealed that a broomstick was lodging inside her intestine.

“A surgical operation was carried out and in less than 24 hours, the patient was on her feet moving about.

“This clarion call is necessary because ewedu soup is the local soup of people in this part of Nigeria," he said.


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