Terrorism in Nigeria is progressing to a very dangerous dimension.

It appears most dangerous Islamic terror group in the world, the Islamic State, IS, is moving base to Nigeria after their defeat in Raqqa.

To announce their presence, the terror group claimed responsibility for an attack in northeast Nigeria that killed eight soldiers and a civilian and injured five other people on Tuesday.

A statement by the group said on Thursday that “the fighters took three four-wheel-drive vehicles and others mounted with rifles and heavy weaponry and various ammunition.”

The group however did not provide evidence for its claim.

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The attack occurred on Tuesday evening, about 25 kilometres from the Yobe State capital, Damaturu.

The Yobe State Police commissioner, Abdulmalik Sumonu had told Reuters by phone that the attack also left 5 civilians injured.

A witness said the attackers, who were initially suspected to be members of Boko Haram, "took the soldiers by surprise".

"I saw soldiers carrying eight of their dead colleagues in their vehicle," Ali Khali, a member of a vigilante group known as the Civilian Joint Task Force who survived the attack, told Reuters by phone.

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