The National leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu seems to have thrown in the towel already as far the 2019 presidential elections is concerned.

The former Lagos State Governor at the inauguration of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu in Ondo State last Friday was quoted to have said earlier that he would contest the 2019 presidential elections if there is a vacancy.

But his media aide, Tunde Rahman, has dismissed reports that Tinubu is planning to run for office in 2019.

He said, “This scam will fail. Asiwaju supports and stands behind President Buhari. He wishes the President well and that he returns soon. Whether the President is here or away, he has the full loyalty of Tinubu. President Buhari can rest assured on this point: Tinubu will never contest against him nor will he support anyone who does.”

Tinubu explained that his comments were generic. He, however, adds that he would consider  the though if there is 'vacancy in Aso Rock'.

He added, “Moreover, if you really listen to his words, Asiwaju did not mention any office or any time-frame.  The conditions he mentioned may not become ripe for years to come and they might not pertain to the Presidency. In effect, all Asiwaju said was the opinion that any political figure would hold".