A while back, a video of a woman making a case for side chicks trended on social media. 

According to her, it was a lot of work building a career and then coming home to 'service a man', therefore, side chicks could infact be doing married women a favour.

Side chicks have helped several homes survive the storm of life, she emphasised.  

A lot has been blamed for men's engagement in the side chick thing, from issues at home that force a man to run into the hands of that waiting woman to poor sex habits of their wives.

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But why do men really have side chicks and why do ladies who are side chicks and are aware engage in it. 

On a Bounce News' programme, Over The Bottles, discussion focused on why men have side chicks and the right thing for people to do in circumstances where issues arise in marriages that could result in people having side chicks. 

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While some girls are dating married men for the money, there are also a category of others who date them not because of their money but for something else.

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