No one toils with electricity, but in Bayelsa, it is not same.

Residents are suspecting that there is abrakadabra in the power supply they are experiencing and that the Governor of the State is behind it. 

Bayelsa State, some years back, had enjoyed constant power supply through its gas turbine, but tumbled into epileptic power supply which had persisted prior to few days ago.

Like a dream of the night, businesses crumbled, jobs lost and the shadow of darkness - crime - began to grow.

It had become a pain in the neck for the government and Bounce News had further pushed the crimes in the state to lime light.

Everything laid bare in the eyes of those who could see that ANARCHY, which Nigeria had desperately avoided for years, now stares the state in the face. 

Something has to be done to gainfully engage its youths that are dying by the day as a result of cultism and robbery. 

Power has been identified as one of the critical things that Nigeria needed to grow its economy, but it had become a wish and almost a prayer point for Bayelsa residents. 

Few days ago, however, an electronic merchant, Mr Ibekwe Orji, who had expected light outage to occur as usual after 20 minutes of light restoration, was disappointed when power exceeded a day without outage. 

On December 5, power supply was restored fully within the state by Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHED), located at Ahoada in Rivers State.

Instead of rejoicing, residents of the oil-rich state, whom were used to their electricity generating sets, expressed worries over incoming bill.

Bounce News paid a visit to some business owners along Ekeki road. 

Mr Orji was one of them and he said he was shocked when light exceeded 20 minutes without blinking.

"If an entire state can have light at the same time, that means both government and PHED managers have been lying to us.

The management of the distributing company had made Bayelsans to believe that it was impossible for everyone to have power supply at the same time.

A hairdresser, Wekilemo Eneh, expressed fear over the exorbitant bill she would have to pay for few days of power supply.

"Who told them l needed light when there was generator here? 

"I am afraid of the next bill," Eneh, who abandoned his generator all through the period, said.

While some residents believed that power was restored so bills could be inflated, a welder, Mr Philip Undutimi, had a contrary opinion.

He believes the constant power is for a purpose.

"It is because of the burial of Governor Dickson's mother. 

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"They brought light so that visitors who came for the burial will think that all is well concerning power supply in the state. 

"After the burial, we will go back to either total blackout or the normal 10 to 25 minutes supply" he foretold. 

In a chat wit Bounce News, a staff of the electricity company, Miss Gift Akabo, said power would be rationed as from next week.

"As from Monday, every area will have light for some hours every two days," she said, laying credence to Mr Unndutimi's claims. 

Meanwhile, she declined comment on the reason light would be rationed when every household had enjoyed it at once for hours.

Nigerians a are humorous people and it was also a reflection of the reaction of bet operators Bounce News had a chat with.

"I pray that the burial will last for six months," one of them who requested not to be named said. 

Could there have been some communities in Rivers State or other states that were thrown in darkness in the past few days to supply Bayelsa enough power?

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