Manchester United mamnager Jose Mouinho is a man who is never far from controversies.

Mourinho took over at Manchester United ahead of the 2016/17 season, and if you thought his tumultuous second spell with Chelsea would have prompted a rethink and a change in his behaviour, you would be very, very wrong.

His recent public condemnation of left back Luke Shaw, has triggered a lot reactions from the players and fans.

Shaw’s time at Old Trafford looks all but over after the defender was hauled off at half-time during United’s 2-0 FA Cup win over Brighton at the weekend.

Mourinho publicly criticised his display - not for the first time this season - insisting he wasn’t impressed with his efforts.

Reports suggest the pair were also involved in a training ground bust-up before the match.

"Luke, in the first half, every time they came in his corridor, the cross came in and a dangerous situation was coming," the Portuguese said.

"I was not happy with his performance."

Shaw is now considering his future at United after a string of humiliations at the hands of his manager.

The Daily Telegraph reported on Sunday how some United players believe it is has got to the stage where Shaw is being “bullied” by Mourinho after being left shocked and angered by the player’s latest public degrading.

It is understood some senior members of the dressing room are considering addressing the situation with Mourinho. 

Mourinho was seen angrily shouting at Shaw during the first half and later vented his unhappiness at his performance in interviews.

Players’ concerns are believed to be shared by some staff at United, who feel the manager has overstepped the mark and that his treatment of Shaw is now at risk of appearing “vindictive”. “It’s like the default setting is to criticise Shaw.”

Like Chelsea Like Manchester United

Just like his reign at Chelsea during his second stint, where he lost dressing room and eventually got sacked, Mourinho’s reign at Old Trafford has been littered with crossed words with his playing staff. 

First up was his decision to make Henrikh Mkhitaryan train away from the group shortly after he brought the Armenian in, then came the long-running saga of Luke Shaw’s public admonishment. 

More recently the manager has used the example of Scott McTominay’s humble approach and David Beckham’s willingness to track back to castigate Paul Pogba in public. There was also the time he questioned Chris Smalling’s need to rule himself out of a game with injury.

With all these controversies, are we likely to see a repeat of his turbulent stint at Chelsea despite extending his contract till 2020?


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