Trek, trek, trek, they all seem to be saying in their minds as they walked over 200 metres from where they alighted from their buses.

You will wonder if the trekking that occurred when President Buhari won presidential election in 2015 is happening again? 

This time many people are involved in this trekking, but they wore sad faces.

It all began on Wednesday evening and it is continuing in Lagos even on Thursday and many residents are asking questions.

A society without a plan reflects the true nature of things when there is just a slight change in the way things are done.

Buhari's presence in lagos makes residents trek
Traffic jam in Ikeja area on Wednesday

The expected visit of President Muhammadu Buhari has become a burden for many Lagos residents, as they have been forced to go through pains to make the roads free for the President to move around and achieve his purpose of visiting.

Lagos is governed by a member of the All Progressives Congress, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, and it is the same party the President belongs to and this affiliation may have triggered the sudden change in the flow of activities in Nigeria's commercial city.

Some of the persons Bounce News spoke to on Thursday as they hurry to get to their places of business expressed concerns over what they have been made to face.

Hiked Fare

First, they left their homes upbeat that the road would be a little free since civil servants will not be sharing the road with them, but the surprise that came with the visit of the President greeted them at the parks.

First, the fare has been upped by 30% or 50% forcing them to spend more than they should even on a very heavy-traffic-day.

The number of passengers at bus stops continued to increase while commercial buses and Keke riders gather more money into their pockets.

The journey to their destinations, especially those passing through Ikeja axis is a tough one. The traffic jam was something else, as some roads have been blocked totally.

Buhari's presence in lagos makes residents trek
Roadblock and diverstion, Awolowo Way on Thursday morning

When Bounce News got to Ikeja Awolowo Way, residents were trekking.  Those that were to board Keke (auto rickshaw) at different parks were shocked to see that the Keke riders have been chased out of their usual location without any direction as to where their new location was.

They had to trek in search of these Keke.

Members of the Nigeria Youth Service Corps were not left out of the frustration, as some of them that had come for their CDS were asked to go home. This is after they have spent more money to get there.

They were not pre-informed about the cancelation of the CDS.

Buhari's presence in lagos makes residents trek
Youth corpers shocked CDS was cancelled

Some persons who responded to questions about what their opinion was on the President's visit only returned questions as answers.

"Is President Buhari the first President of Nigeria to visit Lagos?"

"President Buhari has brought us suffering again just because he wants to visit Lagos. He stays in Abuja, we suffer and he comes to Lagos, our suffering increases," one of them said.

Security has been beefed up around Ikeja area with police and officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Agency, loitering the Awolowo Round About area without any serious traffic to control. Vehicle movement around the area has been seriously controlled. 

There were other side attractions at the bridge are. The noise coming from the location could force a deaf man to turn and see what what happening. 

They are free readers. 

While some residents hurry to their places of work, the free readers, mostly men, gathered around newspaper stand and the visit of the President and the troubles it had brought right from the previous night dominated talks.

lagos visit of president Bubari
Free readers in tough argument about the turn of events in the commercial city

Whether the Governor of the State considered the effect the work-free day, roadblocks and diversion of traffic would have on the residents that would have to go about their daily business is another thing entirely.

Social Networks Getting Buzzy Over Buhari's Visit

This sad feelings and voiced-opinion about the situation in Lagos now is not only in the mouths of those on the streets.

Social networks are going buzzy with comments on the turn of events in Lagos in the last two days.