The self-acclaimed leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has spoken to his followers.

On Sunday, there was a radio broadcast on Radio Biafra and Kanu's voice was heard by his supporters who cared to listen.

After disappearing from the shores of Nigeria and showing up suddenly in Jerusalem 13 months later; there have been conflicting reports on his exact location.

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Meanwhile, Kanu says there is a possibility of him returning to Nigeria and handing himself over to federal authorities if certain conditions are met.

He says if he is guaranteed fair hearing and the proceeding of the court is transparent he will consider standing trial.

During the broadcast Kanu said;

"I committed no offence known to law, my only weapon is the microphone and the voice God has given me, IPOB is committed to the liberation of Ibo Land and we won’t rest until we have referendum.

The IPOB leader, who said he has renounced his Nigerian citizenship and also noted that he is a citizen of Britain.

He accused the Nigerian government of killing 28 people in his home as well as his family dog, Jack.

He ended his broadcast saying "I have returned full-time and I am coming home and I will bring hell with me".