"The people of the South-East are known for their ingenuity, industrial and commercial talent.

"There is no part of Nigeria where you will not find Igbo entrepreneurs, both men and women, contributing to the development of their adopted communities.

"So, I am asking you all not to buy into the senseless propaganda on secession. Igbo is Nigeria and Nigeria is Igbo. Both are inseparable". 

President Muhammadu Buhari said this at the Abakaliki Township Stadium during his state visit to Ebonyi State.

The President said his presence in the state is a demonstration of his strong belief in the unity of the country.

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Buhari said, “My presence here today is a demonstration of our strong belief in the unity of Nigeria. As the most populous country in Africa, with over 300 ethnic groups, our diversity is almost unique among nations.

"We must, therefore, continue to commit ourselves to the development of Nigeria; a Nigeria where we will sustain our national unity without compromising on our cultural identities; a Nigeria where the aspirations of its people are guaranteed without prejudice to tribe or religion and a Nigeria, where we can sleep at night knowing that tomorrow will be better than today.”

The President said his administration was working hard to address most of the grievances expressed by the people of the South-East and all Nigerians.


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