It is the International Women's Day and sweet words are flowing out to women who house in their being the incubator that helps nations replenish and subdue the earth.

From messages of good will to women and ladies who are shaking the foundations of the earth to those that speak to the heart and strengthens women around the world. 

Four tweets could easily catch the eyes when you scroll through the deluge of tweets trailing #internationalwomensday on Twitter.

Delai Lama, made an important statement with his tweet, expressing the belief that more women in power will mean more pace for the world. 

He wrote: "Women have been shown to be more sensitive to others' suffering, whereas, warriors celebrated for killing their opponents are almost always men". 

Dalaima Lamas tweet on International Womens Day

This one right here should be seen by women who think that their being relies on a man to make life worth living. 

"Happiness and greatness is within you, so, never allow anyone limit your potential, the tweet says.

Dalaima Lamas tweet on International Womens Day

The burden some women carry and still enjoy, is something many men will never know except they swap positions. 

Consider a woman cooking in the morning, dressing the kids for school, going to hustle to raise money and support the home and then coming back home in the evening to prepare dinner for her husband.

They are out there; ladies who engage in this affair daily and this next tweet recognises them as strong women. 

A reminder in the message, however, is that women should not compete but help each other grow. 

We, however, hope that women who are traders in Nigeria that sell same product in a market will help each other grow. 

Dalaima Lamas tweet on International Womens Day

The next tweet is for those who are royal, yet it speaks to the heart about the efforts women put into their daily activities to raise children and help them go through life with the fear of God.

Dalaima Lamas tweet on International Womens Day

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