Several years ago, Nigerians were crowned the happiest people on earth.

While we may no longer officially hold that title anymore, Nigerians have certainly not lost their humour.

After all, what other people can respond to some of the most challenging conditions known to man with unflinching humour and positivity?

Indeed, the average Nigerian is industrious, resilient, hopeful and funny, no matter the situation – and we have the tweets to prove it!

In celebration of the International Day of Happiness, here are instances Nigerians showed their humour is second to none.

1. When President Buhari finally returned to the country after 51 days.

2. On the tendency of Nigerians to be secretive about pregnancies

3. On praying without 'seasoning'

4. On chasing one's passion versus focusing on money

5. On houses having an abundance of toilets

6. On cooking for boyfriends

7. On sex in Nigeria

8. On walking away from a loving situation

9. On Mathematical word problems

10. Even financial crimes fighting agency, EFCC isn't left out of the fun