February 14 was Valentine’s Day and many residents of Lagos will not forget the day in a hurry, because of the difficulty they faced going home after work.

One thing that people really do not like to discuss is the use of condoms and sometimes the kind of heat flush that people get when it comes to a time to go and buy a condom is perplexing.  

So as the world celebrates the day dedicated to love, by the corner is the International Condom and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) wants you to know just five things about condoms.

1.  One thing Nigerians hardly do when they buy condoms is to check the expiry date, but you must not fail to check the expiry date on a condom pack whenever you buy one.

It is a safety guide.

2.  Another thing you should know is that a condom must be brittle to avoid tear during sex.

3.  Don’t use your teeth to tear a condom. Just be gentle and look for the rough edge and tear neatly.

4.  Some persons have propagated information about the need to wear double condoms as guise for double protection. That practice is not advisable. It is one condom per time.

5.  Now you can find condoms with flavours like strawberry and others, and you should know that it has no side effect. They are just designed to give extra satisfaction to the users.

Amidst this celebration of love, remember that abstinence is the sure way to go, but if you cannot hold back, guard against sexually transmitted diseases and and other unfavourable occurrences by using a condom.