Gov. El-Rufai on Wednesday in Kaduna played host to students of the Senior Executive Course 40 of National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies.

It was another opportunity for the vocal governor to comment on national issues.

He described security as the foundation of development, saying that nothing is possible without some level of security.

For him, President Buhari’s administration has made significant progress in improving the security environment but said in spite of the efforts there were still areas of concern.

According to him, managing security require exploring the root cause and taking effective measures to tackle the challenges.

The governor identified the menace of street gangs, kidnappers, armed bandits as some of the security challenges in the state.

“We have been working with police to curtail that, and also prosecuting offenders with stiffer penalties,” he said.

Perhaps he agrees with the Army’s submission that crime rate has dropped by 50% in the northern region.

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On solving the problem of insecurity once and for all, El-rufai said that the indigene, settler phenomenon has contributed immensely to creating deep division among the people of Nigeria.

“We must retrace ourselves and move away from that and look at the citizen from what he or she can contribute. We are sad with the way people are now, as the more educated they are the more ignorant they become,” he said.

El-Rufai said the issue of state policing should be looked at again, as it provides a new opportunity to strengthen security in the country.

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“There are nine governors who strongly believe in state police, the current number of policemen in the country is grossly inadequate, there is need to double the number of police personnel.”

He dismissed arguments that state governments would not be able to pay the salaries of the police if created, claiming that the states are responsible for the running cost and overhead of the federal police.

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