The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said about 18 of the registered 68 political parties in Nigeria are operating with invalid national executive committees.

This is either because their tenures had expired or were not reflective of the federal character as required by the constitution.

The commission, which gave the offending parties 90 days to rectify the anomaly, also said 17 of them had no functional offices in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as required by the law.
Sections 222(a-f) and 223 (1&2) of the 1999 constitution (as amended) requires, among things, that registered political parties must always maintain a functional national headquarters address in the FCT. In addition, members of the national executive committees of the parties must not only reflect federal character, but also have tenures that are renewed at intervals not exceeding four years.

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Although INEC failed to name the affected political parties that have violated the electoral law, it said it has formally advised the parties on their respective areas of breach.

Speaking in Abuja during formal presentation of certificates of registration to 21 associations that have fulfilled the requirements for registratlion as political parties on Wednesday, the National Commissioner/Chairman of Election and Party Monitoring Committee, Prof. Antonia T. Simbine, said the offending parties have been given a 90-day period from November 2017 within which they are expected to revert to full compliance status.

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