Traveling to some countries is easier than you think; you do not always have to run after travel agents.

Some of them are fraudsters and that is the warning from the Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Nagabhushana Reddy.

Nigerians applying for visas to India need to be wary of fraudsters who pose as travel agents, especially when all you need to know is available at the high commission or its website.

He said India’s visa application is an online process and urged prospective applicants to take advantage of information available on the website or seek assistance from trusted people.

“We have tried to strengthen our website and now it contains, in a comprehensive manner, list of documents that are required to be submitted while applying for a visa.

“We have an online system through which visas are applied for. The date of interview is clearly specified.

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“The visa applicants come here, and the documents are verified and then interviewed by the consular officer.

“We insist on having a personal interview with an applicant because it is that time that one becomes more aware if a person is trying to subvert both the Nigerian and Indian laws,” he said.

There is also a warning; traveling with false documents could attract penalties that could hamper your future opportunities to apply for visas.

Nigeria and India are working closely to reduce incidences of applicants presenting false documents emanating from “agents”.

Reddy also clarified that the embassy had a uniform fee of $253 for all visa types based on the global principle of reciprocity.

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