Nigeria's ICT fortune is about to get a boost.

Indian ICT companies are ready to transfer their development skills to Nigerians and make the country one of the leading countries in ICT.

The Indian Minister of Communications, Mr Manoj Sinha, who made the promise through a teleconference address to a Two-Day Indo-Africa ICT Expo in Lagos, added that a few other African countries would benefit from India’s knowledge and skills in ICT.

The theme of the Expo, which brought many Indian ICT companies and stakeholders to Lagos, was “Digital Vision of Developing Nations’’.

“India is a country that has learned the lessons of knowing the skills of ICT development.

“Today, India and Africa are set to forge closer cooperation that would accelerate growth in our Information and Communication Technology sectors.

“With India’s experience in ICT development, we can contribute to promoting a cost-effective and good quality ICT sector in Africa.

“Let me say that India has the capabilities, knowledge and skills that we can transfer to Nigerians in developing their ICT sector,’’ he said.

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Sinha believes Nigeria and other African countries could leverage on the existing Start-Up programmes and ICT centres in India, in also developing their ICT sectors.

The Nigerian Minister of Communications, Mr Adebayo Shittu, commended the Indian delegation and the High Commission of India in Nigeria for honouring his invitation to Nigeria.

Shittu said he had, since assumption of office, continued to convince Indian ICT companies to see the need and existing large market for Indian ICT products in Nigeria.

“We must know that the presence of these Indian ICT companies would be good for Nigeria’s ICT sector development. We must know that these companies are here for our betterment.

“We want these Indian ICT companies to know that there is a huge unmet ICT need in Nigeria for them,’’ he said.

According to him, the Nigerian Government will soon approach the African Development Bank (ADBf) for its support in the establishment of an ICT Development Bank in Nigeria.