President Muhammadu Buhari has promised not to allow the Boko Haram sect achieve its goals which he said included capturing territories, destroying democracy and denying children the right to education.

Buhari said in his national broadcast aired early on Monday, October 1st to mark the nation’s 58th Independence anniversary.

“As their Commander-In-Chief, I assure these our gallant men and women that I will continue to empower them by deepening their professionalism and providing all the necessary force multipliers and enablers required for them to prevail on the field.

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“I am looking into all reported cases of inadequacies in relation to their entitlements, their welfare and those of their families,” he said.

The President also noted that efforts were on course in the Niger Delta to clean up polluted lands, restore hopes of the youth in the region and re-establish livelihoods, as well as strengthen their capacity to guarantee for themselves and for the country a brighter future.

He also said his administration had put machinery in place to end the incessant herdsmen and farmers clashes across the country.

He promised to deal decisively with perpetrators of violence.

He urged stakeholders to resist the temptation of viewing the conflict as either religious or ethnic based.

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