Taiwo Oyelabi is 50 years old and without a wife.

No woman has agreed to live with him and with the words that came out of his mouth during a chat with Bounce News, one would say ‘no wonder’.

He has committed what most cultures consider to be a taboo.

Oyelabi, who lived at number 15 Community Road, Obadore, Iba, was arrested for sexually abusing and impregnating his 21-year-old twin daughter, Miss Taiwo Nibilia Oyelabi.

But he wants us to believe that one of the women who refused to marry him cast a spell on him out of jealousy.

How stupid, you would say, but save the disgust till you read his narration.

“Her mother left me since when she was just about two years old but one of my relatives helped by taking her to Cote d’ivoire.

“After about 19 years away, due to her illiteracy, she was brought back to Nigeria and she said she would start living with me.

“So, one day, she pounced on me and started kissing me. I cannot explain the spirit that came upon her.

“But I beat her so much and cried out to my neighbour who is a spiritualist. She told me it was not ordinary.

“That was when I decided that she must stop staying at home idle. So, I enrolled her in a nylon making factory to learn the skills.

“Two weeks after the first kiss, she pounced on me and kissed me again, and that was how we had sex.

“Since then, we have done it five times and that was how she got pregnant,” he narrated.

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For a man in his 50s, how bad could things have been that no woman is married to him and he had to resort to sex with his daughter?

“I had an Ijebu woman but since the day she met my daughter in my house, she assumed she was my girlfriend and that was when trouble started in the house,” he claimed.

Oyelabi’s incestuous act might be the reason his supposed wife left him, as findings revealed that there were many unusual activities that made neighbours suspect that Mr Oyelabi was assaulting his daughter.

And indeed, there were many questions he could not answer.

Why would a security guard go to his duty post with a 21-year-old woman claiming she cannot sleep alone at home?

If indeed the young lady started this evil act, is the 21-year-old so strong that Oyelabi could not stop her? Why did he not locate the mother of the girl?

“I did not desire this. I don’t know what came over me and I have even tried to commit suicide.

“I never enjoyed the sex because it was not right,” he told Bounce News, but after doing it several times, how many times would he have done it if he enjoyed it?


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