It's not fiction, this is for real.

If anyone had told AK Shawarma he could make 30,000 Naira every day he would have said its impossible.

Emeka Ejiofor (real name withheld) runs a shawarma spot in one Lagos' busiest tech open market.

It is an investment sited within Computer Village in Ikeja, the state capital and he serves just a section of the market. So, what if he chooses to expand? The growth potential is incredible!

Just by the entrance near the override bridge at the popular Ikeja roundabout sits a shawarma making machine, occupying very little space but certainly making more money than most white-collar jobs.

Everyone entering or leaving the Computer Village through that axis would see this shawarma spot and may be tempted to buy one.

shawarmar seller and machine

Emeka sells each shawarma for 500 Naira, a price relatively cheap compared to what it is sold in other locations. That's a fact!

Noticing that several persons had come to buy and that he kept making more orders ahead of other customers arrival; Bounce News was drawn in.

AK Shawama says he could pocket 70,000 Naira as profit before 6:00 p.m on some days.

"On days that we record good patronage, we could sell up to 70,000 Naira (140 pieces). But on the average, 30,000 Naira (60 pieces). And that is on a very bad day," he said.

Setting up a business at that location means that the business owner is likely to work from Monday to Saturday. Working at AK’s small roadside shawarma spot will yield an average of  180,000 Naira on a weekly basis.

In one month (4 weeks) AK Shawarma makes nothing less than 720,000 per month and 8.6 million Naira on a yearly basis, running cost inclusive.

Deducting expenses, give or take, AK Shawarma makes at least 400,000 Naira per month selling shawarma.

It is one thing to have a job, it is another to be gainfully engaged, keeping ego aside and picking up the courage to do it.

You can sit down now and ask yourself again; Am I in the right profession?