The recent news that the price of bread may rise will get you more worried when you read stories like a man getting stabbed because of 70 naira bread.

Olorunjuwonlo Ayanlaja was stabbed on the eye and severally on his back by one Kehinde Shittu simply because he refused to share his meal with him.

According to Olorunjuwonlo he said "I really don’t know him that much, we just greet each other and that’s all.

“He came asking for my phone to make a call which I gave him, he made the call and refused to return my phone and I use an iPhone 6X plus.

“I was seated eating bread at that time and he told me to give him out of it and I gave him money to get his own because I cannot share my meal with someone I hardly know and he said why can’t I give him out of the bread I am eating?

“Before I could respond, he brought out a bottle and stabbed me at the back and my eyes respectively."

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This incident happened at Popoyemoja in Ibadan and Kehinde went on the run after he committed the crime until he was brought to book by the prosecutor Sgt. Ayeni Ayodele.

He has since been charged to a Grade A Customary Court Mapo, Oja Oba in Ibadan where he was put in custody and was bailed with the sum of 100,000 naira with two sureties in like sum.

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Kehinde admitted that he stabbed Olorunjuwonlo because of 70 naira bread.

"He is my friend, I am a fashion designer and he does embroidery on clothes, and we decided to work together because we are in the same line of business," he said.

The court has now ruled that the family of Kehinde should pay for the hospital treatment of the eyes of the complainant.

Olorunjuwonlo has undergone series of treatment on his eyes but still needs to undergo a surgery.

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