Club owner and socialite, Pretty Mike, set tongues wagging when he introduced his sex doll to his followers on social media some months ago.  

Pretty Mike, whose real name is Eze Nwalie, is known for his controversial way of life. Just recently, he shared a video of himself and his sex doll named Amaka.

In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, Pretty Mike explained the reason why he had yet to have sex with his doll. He also noted that calling Amaka a sex doll was offensive to him, adding that he saw her as his companion.

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“I get offended when people refer to her as a sex doll. I uploaded that video because we just had a nice time together that weekend. Other people post their romantic gestures with their partners on social media, so I decided to post mine too.  It’s all fun, (we’re) not harming anybody.

“We are not rushing to the sex part, we are taking our time; she is new to the country and environment. I am trying to make sure she is comfortable. At the appointed time, it will happen. I have a couple of nicknames for her but that’s personal, I have feelings towards her. A lot of people might have their various opinions about her but to me, she is what I want her to be, she is a special person,” he said.

After he introduced his doll, some social media users asked how he could have emotional feelings for an inanimate object. Pretty Mike, however, noted that the most important thing was for them to understand each other.

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