A female corp member serving in Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Uyo, Medlin Chisom, is no longer at ease.

She has complained that she is sexually harassed by the staff of the House of Assembly.

Medlin said she reported to the appropriate authority after being sexually harassed at work but was blamed for being too cute and having a big backside.

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Another corp member who served in the same place corroborated her story by sharing her experience. 

Lynda Dinmma, who served in the same place, commented saying she experienced the same thing.

Dimma wrote: "Everyone wants to taste u and if u complain dey will blame u for it as if its ur fault dat u r fine. Nigeria is no longer a country."

She added: "My dear in my own case both d overall head, members and staff lol even wen I changed my dept my new director started his own again just wen I tot dat am free from my old director God help us in dis country."

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