There have been reports that some hotels in Kwara State are operating strip clubs and the lawmakers will not tolerate the desecration of their land known to be very religious.

House Leader, Hassan Oyeleke, raised a Motion of Urgent Importance at Thursday’s plenary of the House and a summon was issued to the concerned hotels.

The management of the government-owned Kwara Hotel as well as 8 other operators of hotels in Ilorin appeared before the State House of Assembly on Tuesday.

Their task was to explain why strip clubs were allegedly being run in their facilities.

The lawmakers grilled the operators for over 4 hours on the allegation of operating strip clubs at a session attended by Christian and Muslim clerics.

All the operators, however, denied operating such clubs in their facilities.

The Deputy Speaker, Matthew Okedare, who presided over plenary, ordered further investigation into the matter with a view to issuing a resolution.

A mild drama, however, occurred at the plenary when a 32-year-old representative of an operator was ordered out for poor representation.

The lawmakers later held a closed-door meeting with the clerics after the sitting.