After dying in tragically, the corpse of a 47-year-old civil servant, Salami Adekunle, is now struggling to find a resting place.

Adekunle was on Thursday struck to death by lightening during a downpour in Oro, lrepodun Local Government Area of Kwara.

But following an instruction that the corpse should not undergo the normal Islamic prayers and bath, the management of llorin Muslim Cemetery on Friday rejected his corpse.

The Coordinator in charge of the cemetery, Abubakar Aliagan, explained that while the deceased was described as a practising Muslim during his life time, Muslims in his vicinity refused to accept that his death was an act of God.

He said the performance of traditional rituals on Adekunle’s corpse after his death and the instructions warning against conducting Islamic rites on it were unacceptable to the management of the cemetery.

“If the late Salami will sleep in our Muslim cemetery, we have to do it in line with lslamic rites,” Aliagan said.

The deceased, who hails from lnisa in Osun, was until his death a staff of the Registry Department at the Kwara College of Education, Oro.

The Public Relations Officer of the institution, Adesola Adewoye, said the family of the deceased would meet and decide on the next line of action to take on the burial arrangement.


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