They say when you stay too long around waste, alien flies will catch up with you.

The recovery of $43.4 million, N23.3 million and 27,800 Euros stashed in an apartment at the Osborne Towers in Ikoyi, Lagos on April 22, 2017 is throwing up more controversy.

And it’s all about the mega reward for the whistle blower and the delay by the EFCC and Nigerian government.

More men are showing up with claims that they are part of the whistle blowing and must get their share of the reward.

A law firm has also petitioned the Attorney-General of the Federation, AGF, Abubakar Malami, with claims that they represent the known whistle blower, Stephen Sunday and two others, Abdulmumin Musa and Bala Usman.

There is also talk of additional six names laying claims to the reward.

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The whistle blower’s lawyer is Yakubu Galadima and he told Vanguard: “There is nothing like additional six names. It is just the imagination of some people.

“Since this issue started some people have called me to include their names. I didn’t know where they got my number from.

“Even there was a man that met me at the airport who said I should add his name. As far as I am concerned, if my client wants me to add the names of all Nigerians I will do so. But if he did not, I will not do that.

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“My client was privy to the existence of the money. He informed his friend, (names withheld) who proposed that they should go and burgle the place. He even said that he would arrange a group of robbers that would assist in burgling the place, adding that no organisation can trace them.

“This man even fought my client in Obalende and injured him. There is nothing like additional six people, all those things are sham. Everything happened in my presence. So, no one can contradict what I know.

“In fact, I spoke with CNN this afternoon (yesterday) on the matter. Forget about the stories they are carrying about, if at the end of the month, they don’t pay my client, I will take the next action.

“If they had burgled the place, would they have seen the money? It is wrong to make a promise that will not be fulfilled. You can imagine the trauma that my client has gone through since April. I have relocated him to different states because his life is in danger.

“I am doing all these just to protect him. When they approached me that they wanted to burgle the place, I advised them against it, saying that there is a window which is the Whistle-blower Policy that could be explored.

“If the boy was mad, would he have had the sense to tell the first person about it? He was not mad when he took them to the place where the money is. It is wrong for them to say that he is mad now after he has helped in unravelling the money.

“The EFCC told me that they spent N250,000 on the purchase of drugs for my client. They kept him in the hospital and were giving him injections. Who would experience that and will not feel traumatised?

“In this country, anyone that does not have anybody is in trouble. That is what is happening.”