Commercial bus operators in Ikeja area of Lagos State seem to be finding a way to beat the plan of the Lagos state Task Force to evict them from operating illegal parks under the bridge.

The task force, on the state government's order had vowed to evict illegal bus parks in Ojuelegba and Ikeja.

But a visit to the popular Ikeja Under Bridge around 4:00 p.m. on Monday showed business as usual.

Bounce news had observed earlier in the day that the task force indeed carried out the eviction.

With the help of police and other security units the danfos were sent parking.

Sanity was visible under the bridge while police patrol vans remained stationed.

Under bridge bus parks in Lagos

The moment the buses were chased out, Agberos made brisk business off the situation. They began luring private cars to park under the bridge for a 300 fee.

This was equally illegal.

However, as hours went by and the security operatives relaxed and the danfos started to resurface, like ants crawling out of their hiding places.

They seem to have become addicted to the location.

Security operatives would not speak to the media, but men of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) did.

A LASTMA official confirmed the eviction but decried the stubborn nature of commercial bus operators in Lagos.

"The problem with Lagosians is that they only obey force.

"In spite of the notice given them, one would have expected total obedience of the order by the government...but this is Lagos".  

Passengers know the park is illegal, but they seem not to blame the danfo drivers' decision to return.

An elderly man about to board a bus among the erring ones, had a question for the Lagos state government.

Under bridge bus parks in Lagos

Although he admitted that the Ikeja Under Bridge bus park was illegal, he believes that chasing them would rob him of the convenience he has enjoyed for years.                       

"Where is the alternative?" he asked.

"How far do we have to trek to get to the new park they want to provide?"

At Ojuelegba, the park under the bridge was lonely on Momday, leaving anyone that had not receive the news of the decision to chase out the danfos stranded. 

It appears there was high compliance, but sustaining it till late evening for days will be a huge task for the 'very understanding' security operatives.