It has been 11 days and nights of horror for the parents and students who have been away from each other.

The parents looked exhausted, tired and crest fallen. They are looking up to God and the government for the safe return of their babies.

"What we wanted to do as parents was to beg them to listen to us so we can give them whatever we could raise. 

"But they said ‘No’, they only wanted to negotiate with the government. They said they don’t want the stipend that we could raise", said one of the parents, who did not want to be identified.

The dare devils appear to be running out of time as they seek a quick conclusion to the hostage holding process.

They were forcefully taken away from their school premises after being profiled by the kidnappers who were seeking children whose parents are affluent.

The six students still with the kidnappers are Peter Jonah, Isiaq Rahmon, Adebayo George, Judah Agbausi, Pelumi Philips and Farouq Yusuf.

Bounce News senses that there appears to be some communication gap between the parents and the government.

Last week, state authorities announced the arrest of some suspected members of the gang and vowed not to negotiate with the criminals while efforts are being made to rescue the children.

But on Sunday, the parents said they are working hard to raise some money to appease the kidnappers who have holding on tightly to their victims demanding 100 million naira as ransom.

Despite their painstaking screening process, it appears the kidnappers still took the wrong victims. One of the parents told Premimum Times that they can barely raise 10 percent of the demanded sum.

“We cannot even raise N10 million. We are just calling on everybody to bring whatever we can get. We collate whatever we have and beg them.

“We are trying to raise loans here and there, calling on our relatives to gather funds, and raise whatever we can raise,” she explained.