‘What’s in a name’ they say, but indeed there is a lot in a name, especially when it is a dog’s name.

The case of Joachim Iroko Chinakwe who was arrested, detained and arraigned by the police in Ogun state for allegedly naming his dog Buhari will not be forgotten soon.

While Iroko claimed he named his dog after the president because he sees him as a mentor, same cannot be said of Mr Ibere a trader in Kaduna.

He is another man from the south of Nigeria whose case has caused religion-induced violence in the new Panteka market along the Nnamdi Azikiwe bypass in Kaduna.

Panteka market is a major spare parts centre which houses many mechanic garages in the state.

According to Daily Trust, the fight erupted when the Igbo man allegedly named his dog Muhammad.

An eyewitness, Aminu Ibrahim said that trouble started when one northerner, Muhammad bought a dog and named it after the Igbo trader called Ibere.

“Since the boy named the dog after the trader, the trader had warned him on several occasions to rename the dog, but the owner of the dog Muhammad refused.

“The Igbo trader, Ibere also bought a dog and named it Muhammad, this is when all hell was let loose.”

Of course the Hausa Muslims will not tolerate a dog being named Muhammad which is similar to the name of the prophet of Islam – Mohammed.

Subsequently, a fight erupted between them and Igbo traders in the market and this led to the closure of the market by the police.